grasping the concept of conception.
January 7, 2011, 10:37 pm
Filed under: pregnancy

The business of getting pregnant with a Tiny Human has proved to be horrendous for some women. People chart their ovulation, their body temperature, the consistency of their vaginal mucus…they get completely obsessed with their own fertility. Which is fine, for them. I decided early on that I was going to go off the pill and kind of step back and see what would happen–or what wouldn’t happen. I gave myself the benchmark of 5 months before I would start with the whole fertility circus. Everyone assured me that it may take that long, or even longer, to get the hormones out of my system from being on the pill for nearly 10 years so I was prepared for the long haul, I thought.

And yet, that first month when I stopped my BC and got a period my initial reaction was, “OH MY GOD. SOMETHING IS WRONG. I AM FLAWED AS A WOMAN.” Society and media put way too much emphasis on fertility issues, I think. By exploiting woman who have issues and cramming down our throats that, “it’s okay if your body can’t do it, we have petri-dishes that can do it for you” we are, in turn, still devaluing our female morale.  Everyone with a uterus walks around, afraid to find out if their equipment is going to work. The actual act of making this human is quickly swept under the rug of prognosis. Sex becomes a mechanical, scheduled procedure in which we expect our poor male counterparts to endure with a smile and a nod, so to say. “We are having sex on this day. Please tell your sperm to show up.” I suppose it’s not much easier for them, is it? Poor fellas

Anyway, I went through 2 ‘cycles’ after going off BC before getting knocked up. Only 2. I got knocked up real good–my periods hadn’t even gone back to normal yet so I wasn’t even sure that I was late when I was actually late. And I then proceeded to have a healthy, fairly uneventful pregnancy.

I suppose what I’m saying is–when you decide to try and grow a human, you need to give yourself a honeymoon phase before diving into the deep end of “why aren’t I pregnant yet???” Eliminate the birth control, get some wine and just have sex with your man already. And for the love of God, don’t listen to people when they tell you WHY you aren’t pregnant yet. Unless they are literally going to crawl up into your uterus and give your eggs a pep talk, they don’t get an opinion. The end.


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