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September 30, 2012, 2:39 pm
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I find myself a lot lately asking my small human, “Who taught you that?!” 

And it’s not like she’s swearing or wielding a gun…she’s counting blocks, she’s jumping across the room on one foot, she’s apologizing to me without prompting. 

Who is teaching my child to be a big kid? And how dare they? 

Where is my little lump of a baby who would scream at me for hours simply because she didn’t know what else to do? 

Where is my little busy baby who would hang out under her tummy time mat all day if we let her, talking to her rattles? 

I remember, deep in my post-partum depression, thinking that I wasn’t going to survive infanthood. And suddenly, I have. And while having a toddler is challenging and a small nightmare…it is different and it is worth it. 





Worth it.