Who wants to talk about Postpartum Depression? Anyone? Just me? Alright.
May 31, 2013, 12:48 am
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Nope, apparently I don’t. 

I just typed up a 2 page word vomit of my struggles with this and found myself unable to accurately articulate what it was like and what it is STILL sometimes like. So, I deleted it. 

It’s hard to admit to people the thoughts you have when something like PPD takes over your mind. 

How it haunts you after you get through the deep of it. 

How it affects your memories when you look back on what should have been a happy time in your life…dare I say, one of the happiest a woman is SUPPOSED to experience. 



I was initially moved to try and write about this topic because I thought to myself “NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT THEIR STRUGGLES! I WILL CARRY THE TORCH MY SISTERS.” 

Well, crap. No wonder. 

Guess I can’t either.