Why does mommy have to take medicine, daddy?
February 28, 2014, 2:47 am
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Well, that’s a great question, Tiny Human.

Mommy takes medication because more often than not, and despite having the most happy and magical child in existence, mommy often feels sad.

Now, when I say sad, I don’t just mean I cry and listen to Adele. Mommy’s sadness signifies that something in her mind isn’t quite working with the rest of her brain. There is an imbalance of chemicals that must be balanced by medicine or mommy will never get better. Mommy will never be able to truly feel happy again.

Mommy takes another medicine, too; medicine to maybe sleep once in a while, medicine to make sure you are my only Tiny Human, medicine to keep my brain from exploding at work, etc.

People take medicine for all sorts of things. Everyone is fighting a battle, most of the time within themselves. This is important for you to understand, Tiny Human, because of this you must always remember to be kind.

Be Kind.

Some people have headaches, some people have body pain, some people don’t want to have babies, and some people are trapped in a sadness that almost keeps them from getting out of bed each day. All of these people are fighting a war with their bodies an deserve your respect. It takes a lot to admit that you need to put something into your body to feel better. Why can’t  I just make myself better? Is there no troubleshooting program for this? No. There isn’t.


Mommy takes medicine because she was told she was bipolar and was given antipsychotic pills to take and she takes them because she wants to feel happy or something close to happy because you deserve a happy mommy.


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