My tiny human now asks “What’s the big idea?” and I would also like to know this.
April 3, 2014, 2:32 pm
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Someone is teaching my child to talk like a gangster.

I don’t mean “Yo dawg” gangster, either. I mean 1940’s pin-striped suit named Mugsy gangster.


She has taken to crossing her arms, pushing out her bottom lip and asking everyone what the big idea is. After any sort of answer given, she will throw her hands up in the air and exclaim “Aw phooey!”.

I mean, what?


Let’s talk about what the big idea is, Mia:

Why do you have to go to bed when they sun is still up? Because you have to get up when it’s still down.

Why do you have to eat all of your pasta before eating chocolate? Probably because I ate all the chocolate already.

Why do you have to take a bath? Beats me. Let’s put it off until tomorrow.



I have uttered the words, “Because I’m an adult” …or worse, “Because I’m the mommy”. I am trying to not make this a habit but in the moment THAT REALLY IS THE BIG IDEA.

I also just spelled habit like hobbit. Habbit. Oops.


Anyway, I guess my point is that it’s important to give real life answers for real life questions.

If your child asks what time the unicorn is picking them up, feel free to make up whatever.


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