Look mommy, that’s a G.
April 18, 2014, 5:36 pm
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Holy crap, it totally was a G. 


You know when you’re trying to grow out your hair and you don’t ever notice it’s growing and then one day you wake up and you have long hair?

That’s what being a mother feels like sometimes. 

Sometimes I feel like all I do is get through the moment that I lose sight of the big picture of my Tiny Human growing into a Medium Sized Human. And then some days I wake up and my child recognizes letters without being prompted and I smile because she isn’t broken. She is absorbing and expanding and growing all on her own. 

Tiny Human started out this week on the wrong foot, so to speak. She wasn’t listening. She was having a hard time making good choices. I felt like I was losing grip on my obviously top notch parenting skills and we have been working all week on correcting these moments and moving past this behavior. A lot of wine has been involved. But here we are on the Friday of a three day weekend and we are having a Good Day. 


Having faith in your child is a lot like having faith in anything else; it doesn’t deliver results when you want them but it does deliver results exactly when you need them. 



Thanks for the G, Tiny Human. 


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