Last minute holiday gift guide for that person who is a mother and is also maybe depressed and/or bipolar:
December 16, 2014, 3:57 pm
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Hi there.

I am seeing bloggers doing gift guides and I WANT TO PLAY.

Do you know someone who is a mother and also suffering from a debilitating mental or mood disorder? You’ve come to the right place.

This may also be just MY ACTUAL CHRISTMAS LIST.

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-First, this woman is probably on medications that give her insomnia. Bad insomnia. Like, insomnia that even insomnia medication can’t really touch. So she’s probably highly caffeinated all of the damn time. COFFEE. CUTE COFFEE TUMBLER. It’s got a Russian nesting doll on it, which makes it precious. Maybe throw a gift card in there to finish off the thought. The world will thank you.


-Second, this woman probably needs to hear from other people that she is not so alone in her struggles. This book is amazing and I can’t recommend Momastery in general enough to any woman who is going through any sort of hard time inside of her body or outside of her body. We are all warriors. We all need to read this book. Not that moms have time to read.



-Third, well. I take a lot of baths. Like, every night. Moms need quiet time. Disturbed people need even more quiet time. Lush makes it more than just quiet time. These bath bombs all smell amazing and do amazing things to your stupid, plain bath water. Get her, like, 15 of them.


-Fourth, YOGA PANTS. All of these damn medications make us either bloated or actually fat. That’s just the truth. YOGA PANTS. GOOD ONES. Maybe more than one pair, since they will probably get Tiny Human bodily fluids on them at some point during the day. It’s important to be prepared.


-Lastly, this amazing tote bag to keep all of this crap in. Mostly because it says to keep calm but also because we, as mothers, can and will never ever get this song out of our heads.

So, for 2015 let’s just LET IT GO, GUYS.


Happy Holidays. There’s always egg nog.


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