Mary didn’t know. None of us ever do.
December 23, 2014, 7:05 pm
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Mary did you know? That your baby boy would one day walk on water?

Save our sons and daughters?

Has come to make you new?


Here is how I always imagine Mary:

a mother.

a mother like you, like me, like any and every mother that has and ever will live.

We never know what is going to happen when we discover that we are going to be a mother; whether that news comes from a pee test, a phone call from an adoption agency, or literally an angel from heaven.

That’s all semantics.

The delivery does not change the news, and the news is the same regardless of divine intervention. When a mother discovers that she is going to be a mother, she imagines every possible scenario for that child.

Walking on water, majoring in Politcal Science, saving salvation, becoming a teacher.

What is even the difference?

We want this baby, this child, to become what they are supposed to become. All we want is for them to be fulfilled to their potential.

But then there is the fear–

the fear while pregnant, the fear while delivering, the fear of having that baby out in the world, unprotected.

What if the child doesn’t do well? What if the child is hateful or spiteful or unkind? What if the prophecies we all set for our babies fall short?

We never know. We can never know. Mary didn’t.

But we can all have her faith; we can have faith in our children that in those moments of struggle and strife we will realize that they aren’t done yet. We must have patience in their prophecy.

We are all Mary’s; Mary is all mothers who have any wish for their child but above all want them to be happy and healthy and whole.


are all


Because, in my opinion, when you kiss any little baby–divine or mortal–you are still kissing the face of God.

I wish you all a peaceful Christmas full of joy and love. See you next year.


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You’re a great writer, chica! Love it.

Comment by meganpate

This made me cry!!!! Beautiful!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

Comment by jennsmind13

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