February Favorites
February 22, 2015, 5:02 pm
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The older I get, the more expensive I get.

I am finding recently that I am becoming a bit of a snob when it comes to what I put on my body; clothing, makeup, skin-care, etc.

This month, I explored a few new high-end and organic skin-care brands and I wanted to share a handful of my favorite products that I tried and I think are worth the investment.


Lush’s H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Mask

I have never tried a hair mask before but at the beginning of the month I added some bleached ombre to the bottom of my hair which essentially wrecked it. I was having hair fall out every time I ran my fingers through it and so finally I broke down and dragged myself into Lush (ha, as if) and asked for help. They gave me this, I gave them my money and it has significantly helped my hair. I change my hair color about every two months so this will definitely become a staple in my hair care routine. I use it twice a week.

John_Masters_Organics_Citrus_and_Neroli_Detangler_236ml_1366982165_mainJohn Masters Organics Citrus and Nerolia Detangler

I was highly suspicious of trying this sample when I got it in the mail; the word “detangler” instead of “conditioner” did not fill me with any sort of hope. I have thing and limp hair but it is also incredibly dry and can become damaged easily so I usually go for a heavy conditioner (I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week, though…which also helps to keep it healthy).  I was very pleasantly surprised with this product. A little bit of it in my palm coated my whole head and absorbed quickly. When I rinsed it out, I could already tell that my hair felt softer and was going to be easy to manage. It feels like a lightweight product but it gets the damn job done and is something that I will gladly purchase the full size of. Also: it smells amazing.

pai cleanserPai Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

Pai was a brand I had been interested in for quite some time–most of my favorite beauty bloggers mentionthem on a regular basis but the stickershock of their products always deterred me. So, I bought a few sample sizes of their most recommended products to see if the hype was legit.

It’s pretty legit, guys. I hate to say it.

This cleanser is super amazing and leaves my skin so soft after, I almost don’t need a day cream. I have EXTREMELY dry skin during the winter so this is absolutely the bestcleanser for me. A little big goes quite a long way, as well, which might help with overcoming the cognitive dissonance of spending more on a face wash than I usually do on shoes; but remember, you are worth nice things and sometimes you have to invest in  yourself.
pai-avocado-jojoba-moisturiser-pPai Avocado & Jojaba Hydrating Day Cream

No surprise here, this moisturizer is also amazing. It absorbs really well into your skin without leaving any sort of sheen to your skin and it lasts ALL DAY. Usually if I am wearing foundation, my day cream gives up around 2 pm and I start to look dry again under my makeup. This stuff lasts until night cream time (NIGHT CREAM TIME becomes a thing when you turn 30, I have found out).

Now, I have to say, this is certainly the best day cream I have put on but if you are going to pick one Pai item to splurge on, go for the face wash. There are other facial moisturizers out there at a more civilian price that work almost as well. That’s just my 2 cents on that.
face-mask-for-revitalising-the-skin-ila-spaIla Face Mask 

Again, the price range of Ilaproducts always instilled shock and awe into my heart, but a sample size of this face mask  really gave me the idea of what the difference between a $5 face mask and a $50 face mask is. My skin glows after I rinse this mask off; it feels soft and healthy and the tone looks brighter and more even. I don’t know if I can justify the price for the full size just yet, but if I was Kate Middleton, I would be putting this on my face three times a damn week.


La Vanila The Healthy Deodorant 

I was super skeptical about this stuff at first for several reasons;

1. I had to go into Sephora to buy it and I hate HATE hate Sephora.

2. I was paying $8 for a tiny stick of deodorant.

3. I had tried natural deodorants in the past and it was a catastrophe.

However, the internet kept telling me to try this crap so I marched into the store, got terrible service, paid almost $10 for a shot of deodorant, and came home.

I put it on and yes yes it smells heavenly. But so did Tom’s from Maine. And that stuff was AWFUL. But I have sensitive arm pits (I’m just a sensitive soul, I guess), and the thought of this product was appealing.

The first two days were similar to my other experiences with natural deodorants; I felt like nothing was happening. I knew I would still sweat because it wasn’t an antiperspirant and I was willing to deal with that but I also felt like I was still smelling, as well. Then, on day three, my body chemicals (?? science? No idea.) adjusted and I stopped smelling like a sweaty person and started smelling like vanilla. So, that was awesome.

Also: I bought it at the beginning of the month and I haven’t gone through the whole thing yet and it’s a super small stick so I’m impressed with that, as well.

I will be purchasing this again, which is a huge deal for me because SEPHORA SUCKS. 

So, there are my monthly reviews of things that you could spend all of your money on if you want to feel and smell nice. I am not saying go out and drop $400 on skin care products; that is not the point of this post. I am simply saying that investing in a luxury product here and there is sometimes worth it.

That you are worth it.

As a mother it is sometimes hard to reconcile spending money on myself; I quickly learned, though, that constantly feeling and looking like a hot mess is stupid and unnecessary. Not to mention it’s not setting a good example for my own daughter.

While growing your own tiny human, don’t forget that you yourself are growing and must be maintained accordingly.



Worth it. 


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