Magic should always outweigh inconvenience, guys
March 16, 2015, 3:11 pm
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My Tiny Human clocked in her second Comic Convention this weekend and it got me thinking about how important it is to take your Tiny Human places with you.

I get that it can be a pain in the butt to deal with them and that it might change your experience; so before you say the word “ruin” make sure it isn’t just “change”. They aren’t going to ruin your experience at comic con, or the Renaissance Fair or game night at the local brewery. I promise. Unless, I mean, they do. In which case, sorry.

Example:william shatner

William Shatner was at this convention. I held up my Tiny Human like a sacrificial animal in hopes that he would catch a glimpse of her adorable face and Elsa costume and wave or hug her or something, which he didn’t and that’s fine because he is still amazing, but anyway I was holding her up and she asked who that man was. “A captain of a space ship.”

“A space ship??”

“Yes. A big one.”

“Does he save the world with it?”

“He saves all of the worlds. Or tries to.”

“….are we on the space ship right now???”

“No. Sorry.”


We enjoy taking our Tiny Human with us to different (usually nerdy) events. We like to think that the more we take her, the more assimilated she will become to social situations and thus perpetuate her good (or acceptable for a child) behavior.

I know it’s easy to hire a babysitter and just not have to deal; believe me, I get it. You can drink more, walk around with both of your hands, not worry about nap times.

But you also miss out on legitimate magical moments where your Tiny Human can wear any costume they want, pick out souvenirs they have never seen before, and feel like a celebrity when people want to take their picture.


Oh, and see WILLIAM FREAKING SHATNER. With her eyeballs.

Parenting level–Epic: achieved.


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