Always tell me what you love.
March 29, 2015, 11:01 pm
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As I was bathing my Tiny Human this evening, she remarked on how she loved the toy holder that we have on the shower wall that is shaped like a frog. “That’s nice,” I replied.

“You know what else I love, mommy?”

“No. But please tell me.”

“Stamps. I really love stamps. I love the way they look on my arm. And tattoos.”

“I like tattoos, too.”


“What else do you love?”

“Dinosaurs. And rainbows. And unicorns.”

“What else?”

“My house. My family. Even the far, far away family.”

“Yes. I love them, too.”

“I love you, mommy. I love the way you wash my hair.”

“Then why do you cry when I do it?”

“I don’t love water in my eyes.”

“Okay. Fair enough. What else do you love?”

“Chips. Riding my bike. Elmo.”

All good things. All worthy of love.



Tiny Human Sunday night affirmations. I love those the most.


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