It’s a Mess
September 10, 2015, 10:19 pm
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Here’s the thing with depression.

To be depressed is to know that you are going to come apart. Not just once. Not just five times. Often.

You will find yourself sitting on the floor, surrounded by puzzle pieces; thousands of pieces. Maybe you can’t remember what the original picture looked like. Maybe you can’t find all of the edge pieces. Maybe it’s just too much.

Whatever the reason is, you will eventually ask someone for help. Someone will walk by and you will call out to them.

“Help?” You will ask. “I need to put myself back together and just need a little help.”

In my experience, this will go a few different ways.

Most people will sit down with you. They will find pieces that don’t match and force them together and think that they helped. You will pat them on the head, thank them for their time, and redo what they just muddled.

Some people will walk by, survey the scene and proclaim,  “That’s one big mess you’ve got there.”

Other people won’t even get close. They will take one look at the state you’re in and back away slowly.

And sometimes, very rarely, someone will come up to you, maybe long after you’ve stopped even asking for help, and sit right beside you. They will pick up piece after piece and hand it to you. “Where does this piece go? What about this one? Show me where to put this piece of you. I remember what you looked like. I remember the big picture.”

None of these people are in the wrong. None of these people are mean, judgmental, or cruel. Most people have baggage but mine is colossal and to expect anyone to deal with it is not fair. I barely deal with it.

However, it’s important to remember that there are people out there that are willing to take the time. There are people out there that will clear their schedules, open their hearts, and help you put yourself back together.


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