Offended and Proud Of It
October 18, 2015, 12:59 pm
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You know those Some E-cards memes that flood your Facebook feed constantly? Most are funny, some apply well to your life, some you roll your eyes at? Yeah, those.

Someone posted one yesterday and it pissed me off. I’m going to tell you why.

It says, over a pastel yellow back drop:

“We should have a lot of sex this fall since my seasonal affective disorder makes it impossible for me to get out of bed.”

(oh my gosh, spell-check. affective is a word. calm down.)

I read this, winced, and commented with the simple sentence,

“Depression isn’t a joke.”

I was then attacked. ATTACKED, DEAR READERS.

There have been two different kinds of responses to my comment so far:

“I didn’t even think of depression at first. I thought of seasonal affective disorder. They aren’t the same thing.”



Ok, internet. Ok.

FIRST OF ALL, S.A.D is a sub category of generalized depression. You know who told me this? GOOGLE. IMMEDIATELY. The word depression is right there. So, before you raise a banner for a disease, do the decent courtesy of typing it into your freaking smart phone.

Secondly, if being offended means being upset over a joke mocking a specific symptom that I have recently battled with, then yeah, color me offended. I’m all offended.

When did it become okay to openly make light of illnesses? Stupid people, jobs, relationships–fine. Go for it. You’re very funny and slow clap for you.

But, if this was a joke about breast cancer or MS, would it be as funny? Celiac’s? ANYTHING ELSE? Would it be okay to be offended then? I’m thinking yes.  I’m thinking the creator would be pegged as a MONSTER.

People with depression struggle. We struggle with mental symptoms you cannot even imagine. You know why that person in that stupid card can’t get out of bed? Because they want to die. Because they don’t want to deal with the outside world anymore. And good luck having sex with them all fall. They’re probably on so many medications that they have no sex drive left.

So, yes, highly educated and tolerant people of the internet. I am offended. I will always be offended when comedy just becomes ignorant bullying. I will never let it just scroll past me. I will speak up against my disease and I expect you all to do the same. Guard your weaknesses.




a joke.


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