Let’s talk about this new Adele song for a second.
October 24, 2015, 11:55 pm
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It’s been 24 hours since I heard this new Adele song.

I haven’t stopped losing my shit over it yet and I don’t think most people have, either.

Now, to be clear, I’m talking about the song. The video for it is terrible–

What is even happening? What’s the story?

Why are they all using flip phones?

Why is she so cold? Go inside.

Why does she keep touching her face?

Why is she so terrible at lip syncing (this is actually an okay trait to have, in my opinion)?



The song.

From the first “Hello” we all immediately got goosebumps and it’s for two reasons, people.

We have been waiting , Adele. We have been waiting for you to give birth to your mysterious but probably lovely baby and to get back to lightening our world with your voice. We have been waiting for so long.

A simple “hello” is all we need.


Can you hear it? In the first sentence? Can you hear her holding back her voice? There’s a slight tremor as she smoothly croons out the verses. She does it in such a crafted way that you know YOU KNOW it’s going to be ON when the chorus comes around.

And then, suddenly, there it is.

I didn’t even know lungs could do that.

I can’t fathom having this kind of vocal prowess. This sort of command of something deep inside of me.

And she keeps it up, the whole damn song–meticulously monotone lullaby singing and beast mode belting and it’s all just so glorious that I am still not tired of it.





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