A review of Blo Salon in Brier Creek, NC
October 25, 2015, 12:38 pm
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I’d been to Blo Salon in Brier Creek several times before. They were the ones who created my famous pixie cut. However, I had never been to get a color. I had actually never been anywhere to get a color job done.

Hello, my name is Carrie and I use box color.

I know. I know you just cringed.

You know who didn’t cringe?

My stylist, Bonnie.

When I came in for my initial consultation after a botched box dye job, she looked at me and said, “Here’s what we can do, and it’s going to look great”.

I believed her and that’s why I set up the appointment to drop $150 on myself for once.

I arrived for my appointment yesterday and was immediately ushered to a little table where other girls were getting dye applied. I was given a robe and a mimosa. I was treated like I was at a spa. I sat, drank my mimosa, and 2 minutes later, Bonnie appeared.

“Are you excited? We are doing full, blonde highlights today. It’s going to be great. You’re going to look great.”

I was excited. I felt like I was worth it, for once.

There’s a reason I always used box color. They were fine. It was always just good enough. I sort of got the color that I was hoping for.

But you know what? I’m 31 now. “Fine” isn’t good enough. I deserve to be elated with how I look every single day.

So, Bonnie got to work. She wheeled over her little cart and I sat for an hour as she foiled my head. We took several before and during pictures on her phone and my phone.

“I’m going to need pictures of this for my Instagram. It’s going to be a big change,” She said. She kept getting me so excited for what was about to happen.

I also commented on how interesting it was to sit at a communal table with three other women, all getting dyed. It felt comfortable. And I liked not having it done in front of a mirror. I didn’t look super attractive during this process so there was no anxiety on my end about what the final outcome would be. It was refreshing; we were all just sitting there, drinking and being made up.

After the hour of foiling, Bonnie moved me to the shampoo chair and began to take out the foils.

“Am I pulling your hair? I’m sorry…”

“You are but it’s okay.”

It totally hurt but what can you do?

As she rinsed out the lightener, she got very quiet and I started getting nervous. I started thinking the bleach hadn’t worked; that my hair looked the same. That I was going to be let down.

She applied toner and shampooed me a second time and led me to her chair.

I sat down and smiled. It looked much lighter. Not as platinum as we had hoped, but definitely lighter and I was pleased.

“I’m sorry I doubted you,” I told Bonnie.

She began to blow dry my hair and stopped suddenly.

“You know…can I cut your bangs?”

“Cut them how?”

“Edgy, blunt. Straight across. It would suit you.”

“How much would that be?”

“No. I just want to cut your bangs.”

“Okay! You can do anything you want if it’s free!”

“Really? I’m going to style it too, then….”

She cut thick bangs and curled my whole head using her straightening iron.

The salon closes at 6 pm. It was now 6:11 pm.

“Bonnie, you don’t have to do this. You guys closed ten minutes ago.”

“I’m not done  yet. I don’t care.”

When she was done, I looked like a movie star. I looked like I was going somewhere special, when really I was just going home to play video games and drink a glass of wine in my sweatpants. I almost cried.

She put lipstick on me and took after pictures with her phone and posted them on her Instagram. I felt special.

Bonnie made me feel, from the first moment I sat in the chair, that it was her mission that day to make me feel good about myself. To make me feel beautiful. There was no rush, there was nothing else she would rather be doing.

I watched the other stylists move around with their own clients as I waited and they were all the same. Everyone was there for that purpose–one client at a time. No rush. Just that mission. Make us feel good.

Blo Salon in Brier Creek is expensive compared to other salons but I can tell you with my palm in the air and my hand on my heart that it is worth it. You get what you pay for. And what Bonnie Lu has gained is a loyal customer.

Thank you for making me feel beautiful, Bonnie. And thank you for hiring her, Blo Salon.


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