Self Horticulture
November 1, 2015, 8:00 am
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About a year ago, I was given a potted plant to care for in my classroom.

Because taking care of 8 infants was getting a little too easy, apparently.

Anyway, so I had this plant and took it really seriously and it was awesome and thriving.

Then I went away for a week and I don’t think anyone remembered to water it or talk to it or anything and it wilted.

I put it outside on the sidewalk, hoping that the elements would heal it but the exact opposite happened and it turned brown and died. I left it on the sidewalk, everyday saying, “Oh, I really need to take that dead plant to the dumpster…” But I never did. I always forgot.

A few weeks ago I was outside with my kids and noticed green in the center of the dead plant. Little shoots of neon, sprouting through the dirt.

The dead plant was growing a brand new plant. “I’m totally blogging this,” I thought to myself.

There is a lot of pressure in the world today to “tend to your garden”, “take care of yourself”, “self evaluation”, etc. We are constantly checking in ourselves; I know I do it every day.

How am I feeling?

Did I eat?


Usually, no. Usually I’m the dying, brown plant on the sidewalk.

But sometimes, if you just let yourself be, let yourself go, let nature take its course, magic can happen.

Things that you didn’t expect, but things that you needed nonetheless, happen.

So, try that once in a while.

Let yourself go. Embrace being a disaster.

Hit rock bottom. Bounce back up and see if you can reach the ceiling.




And you might find yourself growing a brand new plant.


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