Batman doesn’t even wear a tutu, guys.
November 2, 2015, 8:00 am
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It was Halloween this past weekend, so I want to talk about costumes.

Girl costumes.

Little girl costumes.

I know certain stores have started not having gender separation with toys and whatnot for kids and that’s great but what I want to know is why does there have to be girl “versions” of things? If my Tiny Human wants to be Captain America for Halloween, why does her costume come with a tutu and a wand? Why does society kind of side eye her for just wanting to wear the boy regular costume?

The scope of girls trying to breach certain nerd realms is getting younger and younger–thanks to moms like me who expose their daughters to EVERYTHING EVER so they can decide for themselves what fandoms they want to subscribe to. My husband took our Tiny Human to see Avengers: Age of Ultron when it was in theaters. She loves THE HULK. People think this is bizarre and we think it’s great–not because it’s a novelty that sets her apart, but because yeah, the Hulk is awesome and a great character. She also loves Black Widow. Do you know how many Black Widow action figures she has? None. Because I can’t find a single Black Widow piece of merchandise in any store. Zero.

Perhaps, we should stop making little girls dress as girl versions of their heroes.

Perhaps we should also supply them with access to female super heroes.

I’m not knocking the princess thing–we embrace brave Disney princesses in this family.

I’m just saying that if my kid wants to be Batman she should just BE BATMAN.

Batman has a tactical belt; not a tutu.

My Tiny Human dressed as Super Girl for Halloween this year. When I suggested that she just get the Superman costume she argued for the Super Girl one because it was pink.

I clearly have work to do, too. We all need to make sure our daughters know that being a girl doesn’t mean pink and that being a boy doesn’t mean blue.

We also, as a society need to do a better job promoting appropriate female heroes and role models for these Tiny Girls. Like, seriously, where is the Black Widow stuff? WHERE IS IT? How do you have Hawk Eye but not her?


Dress up as what you want, kids. Boy Elsas and Girl Hulks. That’s my official presidential platform.

Do you, Tiny Human. Do you.

Now please give me all of your full size candy bars.


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