November 14, 2015, 2:13 pm
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I am praying for Paris, just like everyone else who is on social media.

I am afraid.

I am afraid of what is going to happen and what people are even more afraid to talk about.
I see the disease of ISIS spreading around the world. People compare ISIS to the Nazi Party and in ways I understand them; I can see the lines between Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Hitler. They are compassionate, viscous men that feel their vision is the only vision and those who turn away from them are to be destroyed. I see this.

But I am afraid, because I think ISIS is different in a very specific way. They are very calculated in their territories; they are not Nazi Germany with a dictator. They are a roaming axis of evil that invades, taxes, and destroys small sections of the world. They have cast their net from Iraq, to Syria, to Libya, to New York.

They are targeting Christians. They are targeting those who flee their territories. They are targeting those that fight back against them. They are targeting anyone who houses their refugees. They are targeting anyone who will not bend the knee.

These are not isolated terrorists attacks.

This is becoming a war that we are not ready for.

I am not a politician, and as a rule, I do not discuss politics with other people. I have read article after article about how people can defeat ISIS. They usually talk about money; they usually say the only way to cut them off is to cut off their finances. People claim that their money comes from oil, from kidnapping ransoms. I have seen substantial evidence of this, but it is not the biggest revenue estimate for ISIS. They gain their money off of the terrorizing of the territories they claim. They tax and steal money from the local governments.

They draw their power from power.

I have seen angry people, Americans, angry Americans, shouting that the United States has funded and even trained ISIS soldiers. That we only have ourselves to blame. I found no legit source with information on this. I, of course, found blog after blog of other angry Americans saying the sentences over and over again with no back up information. Blaming ourselves is like a snake eating its own tail, I believe.

Our country has tried.

We launched air strikes on oil fields that ISIS was drawing funds from.

We thought introducing a proper government infrastructure in Iraq would work. Of course, it never did and many dollars and lives were wasted while the tumor of ISIS ate the country from the inside. Like a cancer. The problem is not Iraq as a country. The problem is not Islam as a nation. The problem is not muslims. Do not be fooled. Do not be foolish.

Like World War II, we are dealing with a radical politcal group that is run by a dictator who subscribes to totalitarianism.


While I pray for Paris, just as I prayed for Syria, I pray also for governments to form another allies of power.

While I am looking for the helpers in the midst of horrors, I am also looking for leaders to prepare not just defensive techniques, but offensive.

While I am aware that hate cannot defeat hate; that love breeds love and light brings light, I am also aware that if we allow ISIS to take out city after city, all we will know is darkness.

I need a plan. I need a declaration and a call to arms. I need the world to be on alert and not treat these attacks one at a time.

I am afraid, because they will keep happening.

I am afraid because I do not even know what can be done.

But I know it must be something.

But until then, until world leaders band together against this villain,

I will continue to pray for Paris.


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