Diastasis Recti
November 16, 2015, 10:34 am
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I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant, for my body frame.
I gained it all in my stomach. My skin stretched beyond it’s capability and I got a Pupp’s rash.

I could feel, at the time, that my body was being pushed to its limits. I knew there would be work to do after I had my Tiny Human to get my body back.

After I gave birth to my 8 pound, 21 inch human, I began some mild working out. I would do yoga, crunches, wall sits.

I did Slim Fast. I dieted. I drank water.

I lost most of the weight quickly.

I could not, however, get rid of the nagging pooch. For years–for 5 years–I told myself that it was because I had a C-section. For some reason, that made sense to me. Water weight. Or something.

I kept doing crunches to try and get some sort of flat tummy back but it seemed no matter what I did, I had a bulge. I also noticed that my muscles seemed to be split up my body so that when I did crunches, they formed a peak instead of a flat plane.

Again, I thought this was due to my C-section. Who even knows what they cut in there to get giant babies out. It all seemed legit to me.

Until one of my best friends who works in the medical field heard me complaining about it a few months ago. She said no, Carrie. It’s not because of your C-section.

She told me I had a diastasis recti which is a medical condition where my muscles have separated from one another. I learned that the exercises that I had been diligent with for the last 5 years were actually probably making it worse.

My sad basset-hound-nose of a stomach was nothing that I could fix in a normal way.

I learned that most people who experience this end up seeing a physical therapist to repair the muscles. That slow, core strengthening exercises were going to be my first step.

When I was pregnant, I was huge. Every single doctor who saw me was aware of how huge I was; of the strain I was putting on my body. I had never even heard of the words “diastasis recti” until my dear friend told me about it.

I just thought this was what my body was going to look like for the rest of my life. I thought maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough–I have other mommy friends that have bounced back to bodies that are better than the ones they had before their babies.

I always wondered why I couldn’t achieve that. Did I not want it as badly as them? Was I just being lazy? Complacent? Pathetic and pudgy?

There are no amount of burpies that I can do to get my stomach flat. Throwing tires in a warehouse for $200 a month will not get my body back to the way it was.

I know that now and I wanted to put these words in front of you. I wanted to put these words out there in case you are sitting on your couch, wearing a loose fitting t-shirt and admitting defeat.

If you can feel a solid canyon between your ab muscles; if you lay on your back, lift your upper body and see a peak instead of a flattening; if you have substantial drooping to the sides of your belly button–

It may not be your fault. You may have just absolutely wrecked your body carrying a tiny human in your body for 9 months.

Read about the exercises and if you can, get up with a therapist who can put you on the path of gaining your body back.

Gain your body back. Don’t admit defeat.


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