Maximum Effort
February 14, 2016, 2:37 pm
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I saw Deadpool last night. I highly enjoyed it, despite my hesitations about it’s creation back when it was first announced. Deadpool is and has always been a raunchy as heck comic book character who breaks all of the rules along with the fourth wall.

I didn’t go into the film expecting to really take anything deep from it; but guess what, I did.

Throughout the plot, Wade Wilson repeats one phrase to himself to get himself hyped and ready for anything–usually he surveys the scene, counts his bullets, takes a deep breath and then whispers to himself:

“Maximum Effort.”

This sat in my brain, like a ticking time bomb until this morning when I woke up and was all like, “Dude, YES. This is what I need to be doing.”

I go through life hesitating. I am indecisive. I am noncommittal. I am never really sure.

Even with writing, I am hesitant to through myself fully out there in fear that nothing will happen. I am afraid to give all of my energy to something when a success isn’t guaranteed.

Well, guess what Carrie?

Success is never going to be guaranteed. There is no such thing as luck. The world owes you nothing.

If you are not willing to throw your whole being into something, you don’t deserve to win. I need to work harder. I need to branch out into new themes and ideas. I need to explore the parameters of my dream and stop being so afraid of failure.

This rings true with every aspect of life: professional, relationships, parenting, self-care.

You don’t have to pick and chose which facets of your life get your energy. You can have it all; you deserve to have it all if you work hard for it.

Maximum effort, guys. Full steam ahead and don’t give a crap about failing.


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