They tried to bury us. They did not know that we were seeds.
June 29, 2016, 12:58 am
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I have never liked orchids. I always thought there were pretentious, fragile, strange looking.

Then, my husband bought me one for a holiday.

At first, I rolled my eyes. I won’t lie. I looked up how to care for it, it seemed pretty simple so I parked it on a windowsill and enjoyed the colorful blooms in my living room.

A few days later, the blooms all fell off in one graceful ballet of flora. I looked at the ugly, twisted stem that it left behind and frowned. It’s always the expensive plants that last the shortest–big, sudden rushes of color and beauty and before you can exhale, the moment has passed.

Isn’t that how most of life works? We set these benchmarks for ourselves that, ideally, we should pass through in order to continue on in life. Proms, graduations, weddings, pregnancy. Large bursts of color and beauty, and then the reality sets in; falling out of touch of friends, student loans, morning sickness and postpartum depression. These are the ugly stems that remain.

I moved the pot with it’s ugly stem into the kitchen. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it. It sat there for days, weeks, maybe a month. One morning I was making tea and looked over at it. Large, green buds were forming on the ends of the gnarled branches. They looked like they were about to burst, like nature’s great fireworks display.

Two days later, they opened and bloom after bloom filled the once ugly stem; more blooms than there had been eventually.

When all you have left in your hands is the ugly, crooked stem, it is hard to imagine that anything can come from that. It is hard to hope, believe, persevere, when there is no physical proof that things will change soon.

But then, we wake up, and the world around us is full of bloom.


No longer how long you remain dormant, do not give up on yourself. Keep yourself watered, give yourself sunlight, and prepare to dazzle the world.





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