There Was a Child in the Car
July 8, 2016, 3:44 am
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The past two days have been rough for us. Lines are being drawn and lines are being blurred. Black men have been shot, mistakenly killed, murdered, victims of racism.

Whatever you want to call it, I am not interested in right now. I am full of everyones opinions. All that matters to me right now is that these men are no longer living on this planet.

Now, I want to talk about something that, beneath the original horror of these events, is making me feel sick to my stomach.

As Philandro Castile was pulling out his wallet to show his id that the police officer requested and then was shot dead, his girlfriend and her 4 year old daughter were in the back seat. Apparently, during the horrific video circulated that I refuse to watch, you can hear the child trying to comfort her mother through the shrieks of confusion and fear.

Let me say that again.

A man who was pulled over for a tail light issue was shot dead in a car that had a child in the backseat.

A child in the backseat.

The woman was apparently told to stay still, to not move, to not leave the car. She was not allowed to take her child away from this nightmare. Her child, this child was forced to stay in the car and watch as this man was murdered in the seat in front of her.

Is this what we are doing with our children now, America?

Everywhere I look I see articles about raising well adjusted, smart, cultured children. We teach them about acceptance; we teach them that skin color, sexual preference, religion does not dictate how they should feel about people.

What did this 4 year old learn from this? I will tell you what she learned.

She learned to always be afraid of police officers. She learned that the color of her skin means something different than what she thought it meant. She learned that she has to sit still and shut up or she might be next.

Does this sound like the kind of America we are told we are providing children? Is this on the brochure for urban kids outreach programs? Is there a survival class that this 4 year old should have to attend?

This is bullshit. This is beyond bullshit. How easy would it have been to open that back door and let the child out of the car? What if the bullets had missed? What if they ricocheted and hit this 4 year old child sitting behind her father at a routine traffic stop?

This child will grow up in fear. This child will grow up angry. This child will remember watching a man she was being raised around roll down his window. This child will remember watching the gun pointing at him. This child will remember the sound and then the silence of what followed. This child will remember the hysterical shrieks of her mother. This child will remember what it sounds like to hear to someone slowly die.

This child will grow up in fear.

This child will grow up angry.

And people will continue to wonder why the black community is afraid; why they are angry.  This country is creating this culture, one damaged child at a time.


This country failed this 4 year old child who sat in the back seat of a car during a routine traffic stop and watched her mother’s boyfriend be murdered by someone wearing a uniform that was supposed to mean safety.



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