The Lighthouse
February 26, 2017, 4:42 pm
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There are many different types of people, of souls, out there. Everyone treats their hearts and the hearts of others differently, but I am from the coast and I always liken things to waves and ships and storms.

But, there are also some people out there who are lighthouses. These people are content–that is the best word and far from a slight–they are content in being kept. A lighthouse usually only ever has one solitary keeper. When that keeper dies, another moves in and takes his place. There is always a keeper. There is no interim where the lighthouse is expected to do anything on their own. They wait and then they are kept. And this makes them content.

All they are expected do to, with the help of their keeper, is to shine their light out for others; to help others find their own ways, keep them safe, protect them from being dashed against rocks. These people, these structures, they stand on their cliffs or piers and shine their light out sometimes just searching for someone to save. What good is a lighthouse if it cannot shine light for someone else? Without that, they are just a silent, one room tower, showered in sea salt on a daily basis.

But as there are some people who are these proud and content beings, there are also those who are the ships. Ships cannot always tell where they are going and sometimes even with the help of a light, they still find themselves being dashed against Plymouth rock, their insides constantly being shattered.

But, they keep sojourning into their hearts, searching for new lands and still landing on the same damn rock each time.

At the end of the day, though, they always find themselves in America

and that is a feeling a lighthouse will never know–the thrill of crossing that choppy sea that they watch day after day with reservation and fear and instead barreling head first towards something they don’t know anything about.

Both sorts of people, both sorts of hearts and souls are well needed in this life.

We need responsible people who are willing to place their needs before others to keep them safe. We need people who will be a beacon to others around them; “Come here”, they will say. “Lay your problems at my staircase and follow my light.”

But, we need those brave and reckless souls that take to the sea with no compass, too. We need to know that there are people out there who live completely and happily on exhilaration and following the stars for navigation and then finally the land-ho’s.

A person may find  at some point in their life that they have been resigned to one or another–usually the lighthouses. I am a lighthouse. I have been a lighthouse.

But here is the secret, dear readers.

Boats and lighthouses are made of the same stuff–wood and nails and love. You can be both, my friends. You can remake yourself as many times as you need to.

You can be reckless and exciting and you can also be that beacon to everyone around you, but remember to turn off that light sometimes and take to sea yourself.

Find your America.

Find your very own new lands and then turn that light back on and guide others to follow you across those same uncertain seas.








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