To The Men Who Are Now Living In A Post Wonder Woman Society
June 7, 2017, 12:04 am
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Now, this is not for every man out there. I know there are plenty of men who are embracing this movie and the wake it is leaving in society.

But there are a few–some that I have even witnessed–who refuse to accept what is happening here.

So, for those few, allow me to explain some things.


I get it. I totally get it. You think we are coming for you. That an angry mob of liberated women is going to try and take over the world. I can see where that might be terrifying. People are always afraid of things they do not understand.

I can understand why you would feel left out or –segregated– when theaters chose to have special viewings of this film for women only. Don’t we have enough films tailored *just for us*? Lala Land? An Affair to Remember? Every Nicholas Sparks movie?

And now…NOW…we have come for your action movies. As if giving us X-Men and Black Widow wasn’t enough.

And to your point, yes, it is just an amazing super hero movie that is doing extremely well.

BUT to then also say that we are being dramatic and the whole smash the patriarchy thing is getting old and we need to calm down with the feminism…

Did we watch the same film?

Maybe not. Maybe you accidentally walked into Guardians of the Galaxy or something.

Let me tell you what this movie was about and what it means to women:

My daughter dressed up as Captain America for Halloween last year. Not a girl version of Captain America…the little boy labeled costume.

I have been taking my daughter to see action hero movies since she was 4. She knows every Avenger’s name. She knows who Ultron is. She loves the Hulk.

She refers to Black Widow as “the girl one”.  Which is fair. That’s basically what she is. That girl who sometimes shows up with Hawkeye.

As I watched Wonder Woman with my daughter last weekend and gasped as Diana climbed out of that trench and proceeded to take all of the fire so that the baffled and scared men could then finally advance towards the Germans-

As I watched a woman, who had just been told “no”, do exactly the opposite of that-

I had such a strong reaction that even when I recount the scene to my parents or sister on the phone or strangers on the internet I get emotional. That moment was a moment that I never realized I needed. I teared up and grabbed my daughter’s hand. I squeezed it and she squeezed back, her 3-D glasses fixated on the screen as she watched for the first time what a super hero could be.

This movie was a movie–a moment–that I never realized I needed. I don’t think any of us did.

This Wonder Woman was not sponsored by Revlon. There is no sparkle to her. No cutesy dialogue.  Instead, we were shown an entire island of women who spend all of their time training like damn Spartans. They were dirty, sweaty, not a lick of mascara in sight and hair thrown back in functional pony tails. They were Amazons in every sense: tall, lean and muscular, hardened in the ways of battle with absolutely zero need of men.

But they were beautiful. They were a beautiful and fearsome sight to behold.

We have been living in a world where strong women have been portrayed as an exception to their gender. When a woman is outspoken or has strong opinions she has to be labeled something BESIDES A WOMAN. Often she is called a bitch, a lesbian, or just plain wrong.

We have been living in a world where to be taken seriously in the eyes of the public, you have to strip away your feminine side. Harden up. Be prepared to be bullied by the men who have resided in certain arenas since the dawn of time. We have watched women be interrupted during their allotted time to speak. We have watched women be physically intimidated on live tv. We have watched women be literally silenced for doing things…exact things…that their male counterparts get away with doing every day.

But we have also watched these women persist. Resist. Rise up. Instead of complaining about being intimidated or slandered, they sit there with their eyes set dead ahead. Instead of being silenced, we have seen women continue on to prove their point that is merely stating exact facts. And every time this happens, it becomes a movement. Every time a woman makes a man look like an idiot, it becomes national news because the idea is so novel.

Diana Price–Wonder Woman (a title that is actually never used in the film)–is the harbinger of every thing these modern women are trying to trail blaze. She refuses to be silent. She refuses to go along with a male agenda. She literally cannot grasp when they try to feminize her so she blends in more with their society.

She does what has to be done and what she is there to do. She steps out in to no-man’s land…and perhaps it is aptly named…and does what men could not do.

She doesn’t do it to prove a point. She doesn’t do it because she is a woman. She doesn’t do it because she knows she has powers inside of her that remain untapped.

She does it because no one else will. When the men said “No” a woman said “Yes”.

So yes, gentlemen. You are living now in a society where women are feeling validated. Empowered. Bold.

We have sat through film after film of men doing what is right and saving the world. We have applauded them and enjoyed the movies and encouraged our daughters to be like them even if they are a different gender.

Our daughters have been taught that if you want to appear strong, you have to be a man. If you want to be strong, it is more socially acceptable to be a man.

And now we are a society where the word “woman” means nothing and everything. The word no longer comes with the string of other words that have been attached to it for so long and instead can now be associated with:






A symbol has appeared in our society that will now rock the scale of what it means to be a hero and I feel sorry if you feel like that somehow infringes on the space that you have already rented out for every other super hero ever. I feel sorry for you if you think that Wonder Woman will require her own space in comic book movie cannon simply because she is the first of her kind to do something like this.

We are not here to diminish male super heroes. We are not here to say Wonder Woman is a better super hero than anyone else. We are not here to brag about how it is now the highest grossing female directed movie in history, dethroning movies like…Frozen and Shrek. We are not here to smash your precious patriarchy that you don’t think exists with our hyper feminist agendas.

We are just happy to be here. We are crying tears of joy to have received an invitation like this, like this woman, like this film.

Women are not here to take over the planet, gentlemen. We are here to help save it.

And a woman

–not a Wonder Woman–

just a woman named Diana

has now shown us that we do not have to change a single thing about ourselves to do it.


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*Cheering!!* I can’t wait to see Wonder Woman!
Thank you for the excellent summary/explanation…

Comment by Jean

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